What Is a Peer Recovery Coach?

A peer recovery coach is someone who has personal, first-hand experience with substance abuse and recovery from addiction. Their unique experience allows them to provide insight, support, and guidance to others seeking to achieve long-term recovery from addiction through recommendations and connections to services that best meet the individual need. Having walked the path themselves, peer recovery coaches are able to identify with those suffering from addiction and guide them as they navigate their own path. Peer recovery coaches offer mentorship, understanding, and a guiding hand to individuals seeking a new way of life.

What We Do

AliveRVA provides recommendations and connections to a variety of services for those seeking recovery. This includes access to treatment facilities, recovery housing, shelters, food banks, community services boards, and clothing closets. These services allow individuals to receive the support they need on their road to recovery.

Meet Our Staff


AliveRVA’s Warm Line volunteers are a diverse and compassionate group, each with their own unique story with substance use that allows them to understand and connect with those suffering from addiction. Our volunteers give their time as a way to give back and pass on the gift of recovery that has been given to them. Their primary aim is to be the guiding light and assist others on their path to freedom from addiction.