AliveRVA Warm Line is a program funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Opioid State Targeted Response Grant. The Opioid-STR grant program was developed to assist states in their abilities to increase prevention measures, access to treatment and recovery support services for individuals suffering from opioid abuse.


What This Grant Allows Us To Do

Through this grant AliveRVA is able to provide peer recovery coaches that serve as the bridge between someone seeking recovery from substance use disorders and the access to services to get them on the right path. Peer recovery coaches are individuals who have first-hand experience suffering from addiction and the ability to achieve sustainable long-term recovery. This experience makes recovery coaches uniquely qualified, allowing them to provide insight, support, and guidance to others looking to achieve long-term recovery from addiction by being able to meet someone where they are at, listen to what they need and provide connections to services that best meet the individual's needs.

Personal Experience

Our recovery coaches personal experience is what allows them to identify with our clients and serve as an ambassador on their behalf to connect them to the services they need to begin their own road to recovery. 12-step recovery has said that one addict helping another is unmatched, and while we support all pathways, this sentiment personifies peer recovery. This is because no one could know better where someone has been until they have walked in their shoes. Someone who can look our clients in the eye and say “I understand. I’ve been there too.”

Peer Recovery Support Specialists

Our coaches understand where our clients have been and are able to recognize what an individual might need based on their own unique story. This is extremely important because there are many times those suffering from addiction have felt isolated or alone. On the road to recovery, having someone that is in their corner, cheering them on with the only goal being their successful recovery is an experience that simply is not replicated in other environments. Recovery coaches are a vital part of a long-term recovery plan. They provide inspiration, motivation, accountability, and most importantly - an example of what life looks like free from addiction.