We have partnerships in place to connect individuals affected by substance use disorder and their families to resources that can help them recover.



For individuals that require additional assistance on the road to recovery, we provide recommendations for treatment options based on each individual's need. These range from in-patient facilities, outpatient programs, medicated-assisted treatment (MAT), or 12-step programs. Each person has their own unique path to recovery, and our goal is to match the right treatment option for the individual to set them on a firm foundation.


Individuals seeking a safe environment to aid in their recovery journey may need access to housing. We are able to provide connections to various recovery housing options in our area, including halfway houses, three-quarter houses, and transitional housing. These options allow those in recovery to connect with others on a similar journey, have a safe place to stay, and provide a nurturing environment that is vital to the foundation for long-term recovery.


In some cases, those suffering from substance abuse may be homeless or in domestic violence situations and are in need of shelter. We are able to provide connections to local shelters, so that individuals may get the support they need while having a safe and stable environment.


In the event someone doesn't have any access to food, we have relationships with area food banks. When nutrition is a concern, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. Having access to food without worry is a valuable tool for people in early recovery. Being able to provide connections to food banks, allows us to assist individuals with a primary need, so they can focus on their recovery.


We are able to provide access to community resources for behavioral and mental health services, developmental disabilities programs, and other substance abuse disorder treatment programs. These resources allow us to connect individuals with an array of services to meet individual needs. We are able to work with community organizations to get our clients the help they need to get them on the right track.


We provide access to clothing for individuals in need, this allows them the ability to get clothing without cost to support them in their recovery By enabling our clients to receive clothing they may be in need of, it enables them to find employment and rebuild their lives. Our goal is to support individuals to become active and contributing members of the community. Access to clothing is a necessary and important resource in supporting someone’s recovery journey.